Strategy Consulting

Our strategy and consulting advice is focused on what you need to achieve an optimal "cost-per" result. Our goal is to develop a smart, market-driven strategic plan.

We like to think of it as a healthy fixation on what makes any business successful, bottom line results exceeding expectation.

We work closely with all stakeholders within your company to develop a full-circle view of your market, your customers and your competition. We jointly develop the USP and Customer Value Proposition as the foundation for your marketing, sales and customers support plans.

We develop measurable implementation plans and participate in the execution to ensure that the plans we have jointly developed meet objectives and deliver results.

Branding and Marketing

Our work always begins with defining the brand identity with a clear understanding of the brand's value proposition to all of its key stakeholders. We work iteratively with you to develop your Customer Lifetime Value and Customer Acquisition/Retention Costs as primary measurements within your marketing plans.

It is a collaborative process between us and our client. The result is a vital document, the marketing plan.

The process of measuring results, improving and updating the plan never stops; but then, the market isn't standing still either.

Interactive Services

We believe one of the keys to success is always to integrate the offline and online worlds into a single, coherent marketing strategy. We believe this market-centric view of the Internet contributes to the success of your site(s). We design and execute sites for major multi-national corporations and for small clients all with the same focus…how the Internet can help your bottom line.

Sponsorship Strategy

A specialized part of our business is helping rights holders develop effective sponsorship strategy and marketing programs.

We began doing this on the buyer's side of the fence, helping our clients develop effective activation programs to deliver the value of their sponsorship.

It didn't take long to see that the rights holders needed help defining and packaging the assets they were offering. We now serve a variety of properties.

We help them identify the saleable assets, define the offering, enter new markets, and in selected cases, we do the actual selling.

While our primary focus has been sports and events properties, we have developed significant sponsorship programs for a number of nationally recognized 501-C(3) charities.