Focus Areas

Brand Development & Marketing

Brand development is more than a process with us; it is a religion. A thorough understanding of your brand's essence, that which differentiates it from your competitors and establishes its reason to be for the consumer, is critical.

This is something we do for each client we serve. When done properly, it defines the strategy that will yield the greatest return on the marketing investment.

We provide research and consulting services to define the brand strategy, develop corporate identity programs to give the brand a face, and create the full range of marketing communications to give the brand a voice.

Sponsorship Development

No area of marketing has grown faster than sponsorship. Brands are crazed to create tie-in's with properties and personalities to help them break through the clutter to make a stronger connection to their consumer. Understandably, the businesses offering the sponsorship are happy to accept this newfound source of revenue. For many it defines success or failure.

It is also fair to say that few but the very best and most sophisticated rights holders know how to properly package their assets for sale. On the other side of the table, many sponsorship buyers lack experience to know how to fully exploit what they have bought.

We help the seller define their brand, identify its assets, and create promotional programs to spark buyer interest. We help buyer evaluate the property, define what they want know, determine how much to pay, and create activation that achieve a measurable result.